UPSC 2011 General Studies (Paper I) Analysis

Subject wise analysis

For UPSC 2011 General studies paper, Biodiversity is clear winner with 21 questions. Most of the students neglect this part and moreover don't have enough good quality material with them. Traditional geography & Polity has taken backseat for timebeing. If one really wants to score high and make sure clearing the exam, we would suggest try to understand why there was such a pattern.

The entire year newspapers covered many topics of economy & Biodiversity. Many businesses & political issues are revolving around Economy, Science & Biodiversity.


For time and again, UPSC has indicated that there is no point in mugging up those Dates, places and kings. Recently lots of questions are being focused on the art & cultural development which have some relevance today.


Majority of questions are from constitution and current discussions. Even Polity section from India international is sufficient to cover traditional polity questions.


Only 11 questions from core geography so it is better to think about devoting lot of time on traditional geography. Many questions are being devoted to climate change. Agriculture has always been UPSC favorite so similar questions are expected from UPSC in future. Any facts about social issues with controversies are important not just for prelims but for Mains exam also. No need to mug up hard facts for prelims but remember them relatively. As UPSC will try to confuse you by giving close options try to learn by similarity & differences among the groups.

Climate change-biodiversity

  • Animal living in sandy and saline area in India
  • Algal blooms in seawater
  • Carbon cycle, which adds co2
  • Biodiversity forms the basis for human existence by
  • Oil-zapper
  • Coal combustion at thermal plants, pollutants emitted
  • Ozone hole in Antarctica why
  • Microbial fuel cells-statements
  • Bio asphalt important because
  • Mangroves in tsunami
  • Red data book for endangered species
  • Carbon credits-false statement.
  • Why western Ghats and Indo-Burma regions are hot spots of biodiversity
  • Why carbon dioxide does not remain in lower atmosphere
  • Marine upwelling zones are important for ecosystem productivity because
  • Why tropical rainforest does not regenerate quickly
  • Himalayan range is rich in species diversity because
  • Central acts, having relevance with biodiversity conservation
  • Two rivers of Jharkhand and Odisha merging and forming biodiversity area at
  • Site for in-situ method of conservation of flora
  • Biodiversity between lower and higher latitudes
Almost 1/5th of the paper is from climate change.

Science and technology


  • Blu-ray disc is different from DVD
  • Bluetooth and wi-fi device -difference
  • virtual private network


  • Lake frozen on top but bottom is liquid
  • CFL and led lamps-difference between them
  • Artificial satellite does not fall down because
  • Asteroids and comets-difference between them
  • Geostationary satellite meaning
  • Ionosphere facilitates radio-communication because


  • Brent crude oil meaning
  • Heavy water in nuclear reactor-its function


  • Biochemistry
    • Antioxidants and fruit
    • Aspartame artificial sweetener
    • Blood groups
    • Trans fats advertisement
  • Genetics
    • BT-brinjal advantage
    • DNA sequencing will help us in
  • Botany
    • Tree dies when bark is removed because
    • Total 18 questions from science.

UPSC is looking for candidates who have general understanding of day to day life science phenomenon.


  • Gdp and per capita income increased during last 5 years or not
  • Credit to agriculture and allied activities by various institutes
  • Economic growth is coupled with
  • Lowering of bank rate leads to
  • Value added tax. False statement
  • Closed economy, meaning
  • Class struggle process in karl marx's theory
  • Fdi and fii difference between
  • High food inflation because
  • Fiscal stimulus.
  • Current account deficit, how to reduce
  • Economically-foreign visitors in common wealth games amounts to
  • Teaser loans by commercial banks
  • Base effect's role in inflation
  • Why disinvestment in public sector enterprises
  • Mega food parks- why
  • IMF gives loans to which nations.
The traditional days of mugged up data are over, you better pay attention towards those geeky words in the newspapers and understand their conceptual meaning. We are coming up with a comprehensive base of such concepts. Till then stay with us.

Social Empowerment & Government Schemes

  • Human rights given under universal declaration of human rights
  • Tribal insurrection in 19th-century
  • National minority-advantages given
  • Physically disabled people-benefits available under the law
  • Inclusive growth can be furthered by
  • Aam admi bima yojana
  • Micro-finance includes which facilities
  • Who is eligible for MNREGA
  • Demographic dividend meaning
This section has always been tricky as lot of schemes keep on coming and gets added to our syllabus. The easy way to tackle this is following news closely. Most of the topics were somewhere in the controversy and UPSC just want to check whether you understand that issue.

Current international affairs

  • Look east policy means
  • New start
  • Australia group, and wassenaar arrangement
  • South-east Asia has got attention of global community
For this section sky is the limit to study but with limited time with us we need to stop somewhere. We would recommend following issues discussed on the International page of 'The Hindu' Newspaper. Wherever you see some policy decisions in the news refer to its past relations & status. This will also help you in your mains exam. Top

CSAT Aptitude Paper-II

Number of questions= 80 Total Score= 200 marks
Reading Comprehension 28
General Mental Ability 10
Logical reasoning 17
Data interpretation 8
English 9
Decision Making 8

Reading Comprehension

Paragraph Questions
Right to Education (lifted from The Hindu editorial) 5
Inclusive growth 5
Creative society 4
Country under Foreign domination 4
Keystone species 4
Ecosystem 3
Moral Act 3
Total 28

Logical Reasoning

Set Questions
Family Tree. Paragraph about A,B,C,D,E is given – relate them to each other. 3
Description of Mr.X,Y and The standing in line, who is in front of whom. 1
2800 people taking part in a voting, some of them male and some of them female. Tabulate the data to answer the questions 3
70% male, 2/7th of them married. How many females are unmarried 1
All animals are carnivores 1
All trains run on diesel 1
All poets are poor 1
2*2 squares. Find the Missing number 1
A,B,C living in North, south etc. (Map direction) 1
Plane mirrors 1
Min Colors required to paint a big wheel with number of sectors 1
2*2 square. A going to B, how many ways 1
Number of triangles in a pyramid 1
Total 17

Data and Graph interpretation

Set Number of questions
Age pyramids of 4 nations.Identify the nation with declining population 1
Population growth curve of ABCD 1
Pie Charts comparing diseases of two towns 2
Velocity of Train A and B (graph) 1
Disease graph-# of bacteria vs Time 3
Total 8

Mental ability

English language

Topic Question Marks
Word problem Coin of Rs. 1 and 2, total amount 50 Rs. 1
HCM LCM Three persons walking with different steps 1
Time Speed Distance 1. Two trains, ratio of distance covered by them.
2. Graph showing speed and time of three athletes.
Venn diagram % of students not playing Football 1
Geometry 1. Water of the tank will last for how many days
2. Square divided into four rectangles.
Averages Student: 3 tests with average N score 1
Counting 6 routes from City A to B 1
Progression Penalty for Each day 1
Total 10
He walked several miles 3
My toothbrush 3
Polar bear 3
Total 9

Decision making (no penalty for any question)

  • Meeting missed because boss did not tell you
  • Local thug asking you to vacate the plot
  • Project deadline, you met accident.
  • Earthquake survivors alleging corruption charges against you.
  • Boat prices high during flood.
  • Vaccine for Gram-Pradhan
  • Night shelters for homeless=increased thefts in area.
  • Dowry case
This section can be best dealt with common sense attitude.Just remember following characteristics of bureaucratic culture and you can score 100% in this section.
  • Formal Rules: Follow book rules & regulations.
  • Impartiality : No nepotism or favoritism
  • Neutrality
  • Rationality
  • Equal Status to every citizen
  • Commitment to work
  • Humility with authority
  • You are a bureaucrat first and then an individual.