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UPSC 2012 Final results- List of successful candidates clearing CSE 2012 exam

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UPSC 2012 Result: UPSC- Civil services exam 2012 continues to be elitist

Today UPSC announced its civil services examination prelims 2012 result. This year UPSC 2012 cutoff have skyrocketed in the range of total 195 to 204. From this it is clear that UPSC did not consider individual cut-off for UPSC 2012 paper. The result might have considered total score rather than paper I (General studies) and Paper II (Aptitude Paper) separately.

What are the consequences of UPSC 2012 result?

Due to UPSC 2012 result method of considering total score, we might not see lot of quality crowd for CSE Mains 2012 exam. Last year many candidates did not appear for CSE Mains examination centers. Lot of techies & MBAs have cleared prelims UPSC 2012 exam. Similar to previous year, this year will be lucky for serious aspirants who have cleared UPSC 2012.

UPSC 2012 result is skewed towards students with better score in UPSC aptitude paper rather than overall aspirants. General studies didn't give any leverage to aspirants from non-technical or non-MBAs.

Next year UPSC 2013 will see more number of engineers & MBA appearing for civil services exam. Students with Arts & commerce background stand peril to UPSC result methodology.

This year Civil Services Mains exam will bring more surprises in terms of result as more number of techies & south Indian students will be in final list.

Students educated in regional language medium will continue to suffer at the hands of UPSC.

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