Travelers During Medieval India

Travelers During Medieval India




Nicolo (1420-21 AD) Devaraya I
Abdur Razzaq (1443-44 AD) Devaraya II
Nikitin (1470-74) Firoz Bahamani Shah
Bardosa (1500-16 AD) Krishnadevaraya
Paes (1520-22 AD) Krishnadevaraya
Nuniz (1535-37 AD) Achyutdevaraya
Caeser Fredrick (1567-68 AD) Visited Vijay-nagara after the battle of Talikota.


Kamal-ud-Din Abd-ur-Razzaq ibn Ishaq Samarqandi, (1413–1482), was a Persian chronicler and Islamic scholar. He was the ambassador of Shah Rukh, the Timurid dynasty ruler of Persia to Calicut, India, from January 1442 to January 1445.


Firoz Shah was one of the most learned Indian sovereigns. He was a good calligrapher and poet (poetic name Uruji or Firozi). Among other public works he undertook the construction of an Observatory on the chain of hills near Daulatabad called Balaghat which could not be completed due to his death.


Domingos Paes (16th century) was a Portuguese traveller who visited the Vijayanagara Empire around the year 1520. His account of Hampi, the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire is of the most detailed of all historic narrations on this ancient city. He visited the city during the rule of King Krishna Deva Raya.


Fernao Nuniz, was a Portuguese traveler, chronicler and horse trader who spent three years in Vijayanagara, capital of the Vijayanagara Empire in the time period 1535-1537 CE.  From his notes it is known that the expansion of the regal capital limits happened during the rule of King Bukka Raya II and Deva Raya I.[divider]



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